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How to control spiralling school paper towel costs during the pandemic.

Now that schools are re-opening, many are discovering that the increased requirements for hygiene are putting huge strain on their budgets, especially when it comes to the consumption levels of paper towels.

Our experts are always on hand to try and find cost effective solutions to the growing problem.

First and foremost, do you really need to use full size adult towels for children at your school or nursery?

Children’s paper hand towels are designed for smaller hands meaning you get double the amount of paper towels for the same price as the adult paper towels - less waste and much more cost effective.

We suggest using interfold paper hand towels instead of ‘C’ fold paper hand towels, wherever possible as only one towel comes out a time, rather than ‘C’ fold towels that tend to come out in clumps.

Because interfold paper towels come out ready opened, they are easier to use as people tend not to open the ‘C’ fold hand towels and take out more to dry their hands.

Saving money by clever paper use.

We have recently spoken to a school who was using a white C Fold paper towel and they spent over £500 a month in September alone on paper towels. By switching to a blue 1 ply interfold paper towel we were able to save them over £200 a month as interfold have a better cost in use and are a less expensive option all round

There are other benefits too. They improve safety - when multiple ‘C’ fold towels come out at once they are often left on the floor which, if wet, can create a slip hazard.

So be sure to check your current usage and talk to us about how we can optimise your paper use, without compromising hygiene and safety, getting costs under control.

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