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Detailed advice and fast, local service helps new pub launch.

We never need a second invitation to visit a local hostelry and being asked to help The Drum & Monkey pub in Alderley Edge was no exception.

The public house has recently been taken over and they needed a full range of cleaning products to get it ready for opening.

We spent time with the new owner looking around the premises to provide professional recommendations as to what was required and provided a competitive quotation.

The kitchen and bar areas required mopping equipment, anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner, Heavy duty cleaner and degreaser to clean the kitchen, Metalgylnt polish to make the bar taps shine, Brite glass cleaner plus cling film and foil.

Toilet areas would require P Wave for the urinals, Mini jumbo toilet rolls, together with stainless steel toilet roll dispensers.

We also identified a health and safety requirement. We recommended a first aid kit, a kitchen first aid kit, a burns first aid kit and an eye wash station.

On top of this, time was also a major issue, but because we deliver locally every day we were able to have the full order in place the following day just in time for opening.

We work well with a number of local pubs and bars and provide a fast, efficient service with a product range that covers all aspects of the hospitality industry. For further information and advice contact us or call 0161 973 3898.


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