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Ashley Cleaning Supplies are on a mission to save you money and to do our little bit for the planet too.

If you’re still using an army of anti-bacterial spray bottles it’s time to think again.


Overnight, one bottle of DoseIT concentrate will replace the 50 bottles you see above, reducing storage and more importantly vastly reducing the amount of plastic your business consumes needlessly.


But here’s the really exciting news. Remarkably a bottle of DoseIT costs only £4.95 plus VAT compared to approximately £150 you could currently be spending on the fifty bottles it replaces.


With DoseIT you simply refill the same trigger spray bottle using the clever 20ml dosage control cap giving a consistent measure time and time again. Colour coded for simplicity, there are five variants, for interiors, floors and washrooms together with a de-greaser and a sanitiser.


  • Cut costs dramatically

  • Reduce plastic use

  • Reduce storage requirements

  • Safe dosage control

  • Simple to operate

  • Colour coded

  • Key applications covered

  • Staff training easy


Customers already love it!

“We’ve started using DoseIT and the difference has been dramatic – so much easier and the costs savings have been impressive” Site manager – School in Altrincham


Get your FREE sample today.

We’re convinced you’re going to love using the DoseIT range with its many benefits for your organisation.   That’s why we’re currently offering a FREE sample of each of the key products to demonstrate how well this product performs. Don’t miss out – contact us now on 0161 973 3898 and see for yourself.

View the full DoseIT video here.

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