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washroom supplies, hygiene products, Altrincham, Manchester

Washroom supplies and hygiene products


The use of quality washroom supplies and keeping your washroom clean and hygienic is essential to maintaining a happy, healthy and germ free working environment.


We provide a wide range of washroom supplies, together with skincare and hygiene products including toilet cleaners, rim fresheners and channel cubes, to keep your washrooms clean, fresh and spotlessly clean.

Our STC acidic toilet and washroom cleaner not only cleans, but also descales and is safe for use on stainless steel tested to BS EN 1276.

We stock hand soap tablets, pump hand soaps and all types of soap to refill dispensers which we can supply and fit free of charge.


We supply refill cartridges to fit most hand wash systems including Gojo, Tork and Deb.

Our Sterizar range of hand sanitisers which kill 99.99% of bacteria in seconds, are Halal certified and due to them being alcohol free are safe for use by children, making them ideal for use in schools and nurseries. Our clip on hand sanitisers are popular in the nursery and care home sector as not only is the hand sanitiser fast drying they also attach to a belt or loop for easy accessibility.


To see some examples of our washroom supplies and hygiene products, please see the table below, for the full range please Download our Product List Here 


  • Refill Cartridges to fit most soap systems Gojo, Deb, Kimberley Clark, Tork etc.

  • Sanitising Hand Gel including Sterizar Alcohol Free

  • Pearlised Liquid and Anti Bacterial Hand Soaps

  • Soap Tablets individually wrapped and loose

  • Sun bed Cleaner

  • Mould & Mildew Remover

  • Toilet Cleaners & Fresheners including wipes and cistern blocks.

We have considerable experience in the provison of washroom supplies and can provide and guidance together with highly competitive prices. We supply offices, schools and nurseries across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, Including Altrincham, Sale, Timperley and Stockport. Contact us for a quote today.

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