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janitorial supplies, Manchester, Altrincham, Sale, Cheshire

Janitorial supplies and housekeeping products


We supply competitively priced janitorial supplies and housekeeping products across the whole of Greater Manchester and Cheshire, providing unrivalled product knowledge and free delivery to account customers. 

We are a Clover Chemicals distributor featuring the eco friendlycolour-coded IT range for use by companies employing large numbers of cleaning staff.  Our janitorial supplies include seven highly effective products that cover the cleaning of surfaces, floors and sanitary areas, the IT range is ideal for daily contract cleaning in offices, hotels, schools, leisure centres and many more establishments.

Colour coding is essential to avoid cross contamination and this now extends further than just your cleaning hardware.  The training of cleaning staff is made significantly easier even where potential language barriers exist as users can be taught to select the correct product for a particular task simply by looking at the products’ colour.

For more information on the benefits of this please read our blog introducing the IT range.


To compliment colour coding cleaning chemicals, we stock colour coded mops, buckets, dishcloths, microfibre cleaning and glass cloths. We also stock a full selection of brushes, mopping systems, cleaning caddys and janitorial carts - or is it buckets and bins you are looking for? We supply all types:


  • ECO 330 Degreaser Concentrate 

  • ECO 460 All Purpose Cleaner

  • ECO 490 Hand Dishwashing Detergent

  • ECO 507 Washroom Cleaner

  • ECO 550 Toilet Cleaner


For the more specialist cleaning Graffiti Remover, Sticky Stuff chewing gum remover and Metaglynt metal polish which is a great alternative to Brasso and produces even better results.applications we stock 


METAGLYNT video link: 


For examples of some of our other housekeeping products please see the table below, for the full range please

Download our product list Here


  • Trigger spray cleaners including Dettol, Mr Muscle, Flash and Astonish

  • Bleach available in 750ml and 5 litres as well as bleach alternatives

  • Pine, floral and strong black disinfectants

  • Hard surface cleaners and degreasers

  • Cream and liquid cleansers

  • Full range of wipes available including anti bacterial, window & glass, bathroom,fridge and microwave

  • Air fresheners

  • Automatic air freshener dispensers and refills

  • Furniture and multi surface polishes

  • Disposable cloths and scourers

  • Microfibre cloths

  • Graffiti remover

  • Fly & wasp killer

  • Oven cleaner

For advice and guidance on janitorial supplies, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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