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How this smart Manchester nursery saved time and over £500 on their cleaning supplies in just 6 mont

If, like 90% of our customers, you leave ordering your nursery supplies until the last minute we are here to help.

We recently spoke to a nursery owner who had run out of all their nursery essentials: paper towels, disposable gloves, washing powder, anti-bacterial spray.

She explained that the problem was staff were only letting her know stock was low when it had actually run out. If this situation sounds familiar, we are here to help.

Free, next day delivery

We guarantee to get your delivery to you for free the next day and as was the case with this nursery we got their essentials to them the very same day

We know if a nappy needs changing you need gloves, if hands need washing you need soap and if surfaces need cleaning you need an anti-bacterial spray and we know you simply can’t wait.

So this is how we solved their immediate problem but how did we stop this happening again?

Understanding what you need

Well firstly one of our friendly team visited the nursery and worked out the most efficient way to set up a regular order. Weekly, fortnightly. monthly – we can deliver as frequently or infrequently as you want and we can work out exactly how much stock you need so you don’t run out again.

What you want when you need it – and nothing more

We know storage can be a problem so won’t overfill your stock room with unnecessary bulk. We ONLY deliver what you need and if there’s something you miss, guess what? We’ll deliver it for free the very next day.

We can supply anything you want but first and foremost we don’t want to sell you what you don’t need. Our team are just a phone call or email away to offer you advice when needed.

Regular deliveries, reduced costs and saved time

Since that first order back in January we now have a regular fortnightly delivery going to the nursery. An email is sent to them the Monday before the Thursday delivery to see if they want to add anything – Playpit Sand last time; Anti Bacterial Washing up liquid the time before.

Anything you can think of we can supply to you. If you’ve thought of it we’ve supplied it.

So that’s how we saved a nursery 20% on their regular orders. Seven months into the year and that’s over £500 saved. What can we do for you?

Let’s recap that process again:

  • Tell us what you need (and we’ll take emergency action to get you sorted)

  • We’ll assess your needs and set up regular deliveries

  • You’ll ONLY receive what you need

  • Need something extra and we’ll deliver it the next day for FREE

  • You save time and money immediately!

Ready to start saving on your nursery supplies?

Call: 0161 973 3898 0r email:

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