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How we saved a local wedding venue over £11,000 a year.

We recently had an enquiry from a wedding venue in Knutsford who had seen vast increases in costs and were looking for a new supplier.

After an informal chat about their requirements and order quantities, we were able to review their recent supplier invoices and cross checking with our products.

They were surprised and delighted to discover that we could save them around £11,000 per year on their current arrangements, a really significant addition to the bottom line.

Additionally these savings were only on the products that they thought we could offer and they were very impressed with of our extensive product range that could help them in other areas of business supplies.

Are you concerned by rising costs or think your supplier’s costs are too high? Why not have a no obligation chat with us and see if we can make savings for your business too.

For further information and advice contact us or call 0161 973 3898.


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