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Flexible service attracts school kitchen orders

In the past few months since Christmas, we have picked up quite a number of orders from school kitchens.

Traditionally they have tended to order cleaning chemicals and supplies, foil, cling film and equipment from the suppliers who supply the food. However increasingly when these products were required suppliers were not prepared to send out a separate delivery and they would have to wait for items to come with the next food delivery.

Clearly this was not ideal and the personal service and quick delivery turnaround time we can provide, they are much more comfortable now ordering from us, often with a cost saving on top.

We can offer kitchens the following day to day items:

Extra wide catering width fresh cling film, ideally suited to professional kitchens. Tamper Proof packaging and improved dispensing packs help make this film easy to dispense.

Professional Foil - 50mm wide quality aluminium foil suited to a variety of catering uses. Supplied in a superior tamper proof pack with improved cutting blade.

Dishwasher Liquid - Automatic Dishwasher Detergent is a highly concentrated, low foaming dishwasher detergent for use in automatic dishwashing machines. The product is effective in removing food soils on a variety of surfaces such as plastic, glass, stainless steel and china.

Dishwasher Rinse Aid - When it comes to ensuring that each and every dishwasher load you complete ends with flawlessly clean and streak-free dishes, you’ll want to include rinse aid as a part of your regular dishwasher regimen. Dishwasher rinse aid is designed to help you get spotless results from your machine. It enhances the drying process and protects your glassware from etching.

Why not have a no obligation chat with us and see if we can provide a faster, more cost-effective service?

For further information and advice, contact us or call 0161 973 3898.


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