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Introducing the IT range - colour-coded cleaning chemicals for less than 5p per trigger spray bottle

Are you aware you can have an eco-friendly, colour coded range of cleaning chemicals that are all available for less than 5p per trigger spray bottle?

Introducing the it Range - a colour coded system of cleaning chemicals that are not only highly effective but have also been developed for the easy training of cleaning staff. There are 4 key products in the range to cover all your daily cleaning demands:

Cleanit – A concentrated surface-safe multi-surface cleaner ideal for daily cleaning.

Floorit – A neutral floor cleaner suitable for use on all hard floors.

Scaleit – A concentrated acidic cleaner for cleaning and descaling toilets, urinals, sinks, baths, showers and washroom floors.

Freshnit – A pH neutral sanitary cleaner designed to clean, disinfect and create a long-lasting aroma.

Also available in the range are a ready-to-use kitchen sanitising spray and a ready-to-use sanitary cleaner.

Colour coding is essential to avoid cross contamination and this now extends further than just your cleaning hardware. The training of cleaning staff is made significantly easier even where potential language barriers exist as users can be taught to select the correct product for a particular task simply by looking at the products’ colour.

Less than 5p per trigger spray bottle, how can this be possible?

The 5 litres are provided as a concentrate and the solution is so powerful that one pump diluted in a trigger spray bottle is enough to produce a highly effective cleaner that covers all your daily cleaning demands.

Why choose the IT range?

  • Low cost per use

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Colour coded

  • Simple range - 4 products cover all general daily cleaning

  • Improves cleaning standards

To order your free sample or for further details please call 0161 973 3898 or email

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