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There is nothing like a human voice!

So how do you order your cleaning materials, paper disposables and janitorial products at the moment?

Have you found the best way to keep your supplies fully stocked so you don’t run out?

How much time are you spending on stock control, ordering, checking an order when it arrives then making sure it is all put away?

Do you know for sure you are currently paying the best prices for the products you are buying?

There is nothing like a human voice!

We are simply a call away and have an unrivaled knowledge of cleaning products, janitorial and paper supplies, including the latest up to date products, available on the market.

Perhaps you always order a certain type of product? We may know of a better alternative that has become available which is more effective and better priced for instance.

You may rely on members of staff to let you know if supplies are running low? We can arrange regular visits to check on and replenish stock.

You may have to work around anticipating what stock you may need in the future to allow for the long delivery times, we can make following day delivery.

You may have to go to several suppliers, creating several accounts and dealing with several contacts.

We provide a wide range of supplies providing a one stop shop. To make your job easier we can send one of our representatives to discuss specific requirements with your cleaning technician.

Forgotten to add something to your order? No problem - no logging back in, no creating a separate order, no waiting for it to arrive simply give us a call and we will see to it, no problem!

We are a friendly, local, family run business which has been established for over 35 years and who provide a bespoke customer service. So start saving money on all your cleaning chemicals, hardware and paper disposables and have an efficient method of replacement and call us today 0161 973 3898

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