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Not all products cut the mustard

A large percentage of our new clients make their first order with us based on the products and materials they’ve always had!

We feel not all products cut the mustard! Are you really using the optimal product for your needs? Do you know what the alternatives are? Have you thought about introducing new products? Do you feel the well-known brands are automatically the ones you need? With many years of experience, we can help. We can look at what you are currently using and if it is the most suitable we will say so but if we feel there is another product which would be better we can make a suggestion. We are very eco aware and work to a budget.

There is nothing like being able to talk through your particular needs with an experienced human being.

Cleaning products Ashley, Sale, Altrincham

Other reasons to go direct as opposed to going online;

  • Other reasons to go direct as opposed to going online;

  • Cheaper – without having to buy in bulk

  • Organised storeroom – we can organise and deliver directly into storeroom

  • Ease of adding a product – simply add it to your order

  • Free, next day delivery

  • Suggestions – we understand what you may need -if we feel you may have missed something off your order we will say e.g. we know if a nappy needs changing you need gloves

  • Regular deliveries, reduced costs and saved time - Weekly, fortnightly. monthly

  • We keep in touch – emails before an order to see if you want to add anything

  • What you want when you need it – and nothing more

  • We can accommodate short notice - 90% of our customers leave ordering until the last minute

Our friendly team are here to help - we can deliver as frequently or infrequently as you want, and we can work out exactly how much stock you need so you don’t run out. Call: 0161 973 3898 0r email:

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