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Office cleaning – time to try someone new?!

The week between Christmas and New Year can sometimes feel as if you are in limbo. With many people taking the time off as holdiay, the office can seem quiet with many businesses working with skeleton staff.

That environment suits some - less people means less distractions so more can be achieved - others find they can`t really get their teeth into anything as there is still a holday feeling in the air.

Which ever person you are we feel reviewing current practices is an ideal task to address!

With regard to your office cleaning supplies, it is time to try someone new? Have you taken over from your predecessor and just continued using the same system/company? Are you reluctant to change in case it involves more work, is more expensive, less reliable?

We have been supplying commercial cleaning supplies to factories, offices, contract cleaners for over 25 years so are well practiced in providing an exceptional service with superior products at a competitive price.

We offer many benefits most commercial cleaning supplies don’t:

1. You can talk to a human who can make suggestions if needed and offer advice regarding the most appropriate products for you.

2. We operate a following day delivery service to your door or if required straight to your stock room.

3. If you have forgotten something, simply call us and we can add something to your order.

4. We offer an audit service where we will automatically restock your supplies so you never run short.

5. We offer a wide range of additional products such as janitorial supplies, kitchenware, catering supplies, for one off events or replacements.

6. We are local to Timperley, Hale, Sale, Altrincham, Cheshire so you can call into our trade counter if that suits you better.

7. You can compare our prices by viewing our stock list here.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you supply your own cleaning materials and paper disposables or are a contract cleaner who provides all their own cleaning supplies as part of their service – give us a call and lets have a chat – I’m sure we can help.

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