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The Importance of Product Knowledge

How do you order your janitorial and cleaning supplies at present?

Is it online? Leaving you to decide which product would be best for your needs? Do you know which cleaning products are available or are you driven by popular brand names? Perhaps simply ordering the products you have always had, whether or not they are the most appropriate or cost effective for your needs?. Are you leaving yourself wide open to making mistakes? Perhaps not getting the most out of your products?

How much do you know about cleaning products, their uses, effectiveness and cost?

How much time do you invest in finding out all the relevant information, or keeping up to date with new products?

Cleaning products and janitorial supplies are our passion! With over 35 years of experience helping businesses save money on all their cleaning chemicals, hardware and paper disposables there aren`t many things we haven`t come across, or don`t know about in the cleaning and janitorial supplies world!

We are here to guide not dictate, we genuinely want you to benefit from the most suitable products for your needs.

With an unrivalled product knowledge and industry experience, our team are able to simply source the right product for your specific needs to get the job done.

We can supply anything you want but first and foremost we don’t want to sell you what you don’t need. We’re here to help with our personal service whether that is over the phone, in person via our trade counter.

Our team are just a phone call or email away to offer you advice when needed. And we provide an efficient method of replacement too!

Contact us today on 0161 973 3898

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