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Child`s play!

A chain of Nurseries recently contacted us as they were struggling to get hold of playpit sand.

Having previously bought it from Argos, each time it was delivered it was unloaded onto their doorstep. As the bags are very heavy and difficult to move around this created a huge problem for the staff.


Not only did we supply the playpit sand cheaper than they could buy at Argos, but we also compared the prices for their other nursery essentials and were able to save them over 15% across all products!

When we delivered the full order, the very next day, we put it away for them in their store room, we also took the playpit sand into the garden so they could fill up their playpits.

Offering the personal touch and assuring you of our utmost attention at all times, please do not hesitate to contact us 0161 973 3898

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