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Paper towel dispenser contracts hurting school budgets

With all schools under pressure to make the best possible use of their budgets, one area we believe we can help is in the provision of paper towels and toilet rolls.

We have recently visited a school that were using a well-known brand of toilet roll and paper towel dispensers.

We were immediately able save them over £1500 a year by swapping out their old dispensers for new universal dispensers that d

on't require a contract, and which we provide free of charge. This represented a 40% saving on this cost centre alone.

Ashley Cleaning Supplies pride ourselves on providing high quality, cost effective products across the whole spectrum and work with a huge number of local schools already, saving them time and money.

Why not call us on 0161 973 3898 for a free cost analysis on your current systems and cleaning requirements to see how much money we could save you today.

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