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Hand hygiene to keep the bugs at bay.

As the winter draws in and colds and flu start to kick in, it is important to emphasise the need not just for hand washing, but also appropriate sanitising.

Hand hygiene involves not only washing hands thoroughly, using hot water and soap but also drying them completely. Indeed, the NHS have an eleven point plan for washing hands which is worth consulting. (link at end of article)

We also know it is not always possible to get to a wash basin, so we also recommend the use of hand sanitisers wherever possible.

We were recently contacted by a Cheshire day nursery that were pro-active in reviewing their hand hygiene. They had used alcohol-based hand sanitisers in the past but found that they dried out the staffs’ hands and they didn't feel using an alcohol-based product was appropriate in an early year’s environment.

We suggested the Sterizar range of products which were specifically designed for this type of situation.

Sterizar skin solution is an alcohol-free advanced hand sanitiser manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ-killing properties available today, being effective within 30 secs and killing 99.9999% of bacteria, yet still providing a soft and safe feel to the skin.

Sterizar not only provides rapid kill against Bacteria and viruses, but provides a residual barrier onto the hands, that continues to work for at least 6 hours after the initial application.

These hand sanitisers are available in a 600ml hand foamer, ideal for use in reception areas of school, nurseries and offices for staff, pupils or visitors to use on their way in.

Many customers like to fit wall mounted dispensers around the workplace where hand sanitiser can easily be obtained when required. We find the wall mounted dispensers work best as the individual bottles tend to go missing.

For schools we have added to the range a 50ml clip version which staff clip to their uniform so they can apply sanitiser throughout the day.

Please don’t take basic hand hygiene for granted as it can prevent all types of bugs and infections leading to unnecessary absences from your organisation.

Call us today on 0161 973 3898 for further information and samples.

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