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Schools. Save money. Save paper. Save trees.

At Ashley Cleaning Supplies we’ve got to know a lot about paper over the years.

In particular how paper gets used in a washroom environment in nurseries and schools.

All our usage studies and auditing demonstrate that, in many cases, there are significant savings to be made.

Savings on toilet paper

Let’s start with toilet paper. We always recommend that you use bulk pack toilet tissue instead of conventional toilet roll as there is less waste, especially in an early years environment where the roll can just be pulled and pulled. In most cases this reduces excessive paper use overnight.

Savings on towels

Why use a full-size paper towel for the children at your nursery or school?

Children’s paper hand towels are designed for smaller hands meaning you get double the amount of paper towels for the same price as the adult paper towels - less waste and much more cost effective.

We also suggest using interfold paper hand towels instead of ‘C’ fold paper hand towels, as only one towel comes out a time, rather than ‘C’ fold towels that tend to come out in clumps.

Because interfold paper towels come out ready opened, they are easier to use as people tend not to open the c fold hand towels and take out more to dry their hands.

Also, from a safety perspective, when multiple ‘C’ fold towels come out at once they are often left on the floor which, if wet, creates a slip hazard.

Potential for huge savings.

Only last week we visited a school that had been using expensive toilet roll and paper towels systems. We saved them over £1500 a year by swapping out their old dispensers for new universal dispensers, fitted free, which represented a 40% saving on this cost centre alone.

Talk to us about paper.

We can save you money and help with the environment by carrying out a no-obligation paper audit to see if you are using the most cost effective and efficient system.

Call us today on 0161 973 3898 for further information or contact us here.

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