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Helping schools out of sticky situations

What is it with kids?

They leave behind them a sticky trail of destruction that can really affect the look and cleanliness of school premises.

Ink spills, pen marks and permanent marker disasters always blight a range of surfaces and can be very difficult to remove.

Sticky fingers on windows, mirrors, computer screens and the like simply add to the problem. Not to mention a wide range of ‘sticky stuff’ appearing everywhere - from grease to glue, tape and sticker residue, even chewing gum.

At Ashley Cleaning Supplies we’ve seen most of these issues and now have a range of products that really no school or nursery should be without.

Ink, the scourge of the classroom, can be address with ‘INKOV’, an ink and pen mark removal spray that works both on absorbent surfaces such as wood and fabric together with non-absorbent areas such as glass and whiteboards.

Also excellent in removing permanent marker accidents on those whiteboards!

‘De-Solv-it’ sticky stuff remover liquid is highly versatile and ‘zaps’ pretty much every sticky substance imaginable from a wide range of surfaces.

It’s a firm favourite with many of our customers already.

Team these products up with ‘Brite’ a ready to use glass and plastic cleaner, which cuts through grease and dirt to leave a streak and smear free, sparkling finish every time. Excellent for windows, mirrors, glass, display units, glass shelves, VDU screens tiles, laminates and all hard surfaces.

Whatever the tough cleaning situation, Ashley Cleaning Supplies can arm you with powerful products to solve specific problems.

Call us today on 0161 973 3898 for further information or contact us here

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