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Reduce your time in the kitchen

The needs of a commercial or office kitchen varies greatly from other areas of the premises. Cleaning materials which are perfect for the office floor for instance may be totally inappropriate for the floor in a commercial kitchen, so why not reduce your time cleaning the kitchen by improving your kitchen cleaning materials?

Cleaning materials and supplies are the life blood of our business and we make it our business to seek out the latest and best products on the market. Our heavy duty kitchen degreaser, chef griddle, oven and fryer cleaner and Vanquish heavy duty oven cleaner do exactly what they claim to do!

As there are legal requirements to fulfil and the health and wellbeing of all who consume anything prepared in the kitchen to consider - it makes sense to ensure a high standard and attention to detail with regard to kitchen cleanliness using well researched products from a commercial kitchen cleaning supplies specialist such as ourselves.

We stock the ECO 330 Eco friendly kitchen degreaser as well as the ECO 490 hand dishwashing detergent. Both these products conform to the European Ecolabel which distinguishes products that meet high standards of both performance and environmental quality.

Colour Coded Trigger spray bottles are available as well as pelican pump dispensers, all designed to prevent cross contamination.

Other kitchen essentials include;

  • anti-bacterial food preparation cleaners.

  • All brands of washing powder including Fairy, Bold, Ariel & Persil in both powder, tablet or gel form

  • Dish and glass washing

  • Washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, Rinse aid.

  • Anti-bacterial, degreaser, oven griddle and fryer cleaners

  • Laundry items including a wide range of washing powders, tablets and softeners including Persil, Bold and Fairy.

  • Refuse sacks

For the full range please download our product list here

With competitive prices and FREE delivery for account customers, there is no better option than us for your laundry and kitchen cleaning supplies. We deliver across Greater Manchester, Altrincham, Sale and Cheshire.

Why not give us a call today for a quote and friendly advice.

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