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Making the most of school playgrounds

Guest Blog: from Top Mark Solutions

From time to time at Ashley Cleaning Supplies, we’d like to introduce you to like minded local companies and some of the diverse products and services they have to offer and which we think you may find of interest.

This month, with schools returning after lockdown, we thought we’d introduce you to Top Mark Solutions, who provide a wide range of property and grounds maintenance to schools, colleges and commercial property owners in the North West.

As well as useful services such as exterior pressure washing, render washing, gutter clearance and repairs, drainage maintenance and general repairs, they can also transform school playgrounds.

Many schools in the area have been able to turn boring tarmac areas into interesting play opportunities with a plethora of creative ideas brought to bear. Top Mark Solutions use the same type of thermoplastic line marking used for car parks to bring fun shapes and games to the school.

Common games include snakes and ladders, draughts and chess and they can also add educational elements such as clocks and the alphabet, as well as those that combine games with learning such as hopscotch.

These areas encourage children to interact with the activities and with each other. This not only helps their sociability, but also increases their level of physical activity. By being more physically active, this also has shown to have an improvement on behaviour inside and outside of the classroom. Time spent playing outside during breaks in the school day increases, and all that energic activity means they come to their lessons ready to learn.

As thermoplastic line markings are bright hard wearing, they rarely need to be repainted and can withstand the wear and tear of children playing on its surface.

If you would like more information about developing your playgrounds, Top Mark Solutions are always on hand for a no obligation chat. Simply get in touch via their website or call them on 0161 976 2382.


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