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Reaching out to solve a cleaning problem.

Recently we were approached by a cleaning company who were struggling on a couple of sites, where reaching certain areas to clean properly had become a real problem.

Cleaning operatives were having to strain to try and reach places on a day-by-day basis, which was having an adverse effect on both their health and potentially their safety.

We looked at this and recommended they try a Duop long reach kit for each area to assist cleaning and take that burden away.

This tool comes with retractable, and washable pads, and has proven a cost-effective tool for many of our customers.

It features a ball and socket joint connecting the handle to the pad which is ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive injuries caused by bending, kneeling, wrist flexing, twisting, and stretching.

The client is extremely pleased, and their staff are much happier in their work!

For further information on any aspect of our products and services, please contact us or call 0161 973 3898 today where our friendly and knowledgeable team will be delighted to help.


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