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With hygiene at the top of public space agendas, product advice is vital.

As I am sure you can imagine the COVID emergency has been a busy and challenging time for us, but something where we believe our expertise has come to the fore.

Matching demand with tough supply conditions has kept us on out toes delivering quality products to both existing customers and new throughout the pandemic.

Whilst some have headed to the Wild West of the Internet for scarce suppliers or to try and shave a penny here and there from the invoice, our clients have benefited from our experience in delivering the appropriate products at competitive prices.

But that's not all. Providing advice on which products to use and in what way has undoubtedly saved our clients time and money over and over again.

We have put together an essential range of PPE and sanitising products to keep your premises sanitized and your staff protected as much as possible as we move out of lockdown. Including lots of help and information on what products best suit your particular needs.

Increased requirements for hygiene are putting huge strain on budgets, especially when it comes to the consumption levels of paper towels in offices, schools and nurseries.

We have considerable experience in assessing your current usage patterns and can make suggestions as to how to optimise paper use, without compromising hygiene and safety, getting costs under control.

Cleaning fluids too come under our microscope. Are you buying individual trigger spray bottles at £3 a time? One bottle of our DoseIT concentrate refill replaces 50 trigger bottles, and at £4.95 offers an amazing saving, reduces storage and the amount of plastic consumed needlessly.

We can also offer a range of colour co-ordinated cleaning materials and liquids so that you can segregate cleaning within an environment, keeping one colour for toilets, another for food preparation etc and avoiding cross contamination.

Essentially, we believe we can be your local cleaning supplies experts, helping you make the appropriate choices and also reducing cost. With free local delivery, a stock taking service and a friendly voice on the end of the phone, we can offer the perfect cost-effective and personal service for your needs.

Why not give us a call for a no-obligation chat – we know we can help.


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